Ambiance is a mixture of interior/exterior painting and staining, light carpentry, and light home maintenance services provided by one of the painters (and handyman) in the Perth and Lanark County area. Click on "PICTURES" for some images of the work.

Phone (or email, or text) to arrange for a
no-obligation onsite assessment, and be sure to book well ahead of time for warm weather outdoor work from May through September (sometimes longer depending on the weather).

Ambiance can help you in choosing methods, materials, paints, finishes, colours and colour coordinating, and will pick up all the required materials for you.

Ambiance can paint your home's interiors, even during cold weather with the windows closed, using odourless paints. Some of the newer "zero VOC" odourless paints emit negligable levels of chemicals while they are drying and curing, so they're harmless to you and the environment.